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Low voltage supply, high voltage supply, and sudden power cuts, odd power fluctuations are common problems that we face in our daily life. This problem is not limited to remote or rural areas but also affects urban areas and metro cities. To run home appliances, a consistent and constant supply is needed. Sudden or abrupt power supply not only damages electronic appliances but also hampers our work. Voltage stabilisersare designed to solve this problem, they automatically maintain a constant voltage level.


A voltage stabiliser is an electronic device that is designed to deliver and maintain a constant voltage irrespective of the change in incoming voltage supply. It gives full protection to the electronic home appliances against over-voltage, under-voltage and abrupt voltage fluctuations. Here, we must keep one thing in mind that voltage stabilizersare meant to provide constant voltage output in an acceptable range for which the product is designed for.

How does a voltage stabilizer work?

A voltage stabilizeris designed to regulate and supply a constant and standard voltage to the electronic devices under high and low voltage supply conditions. Voltage stabilisersbasically work on buck and boost operation. When there is an overvoltage supply, buck operation reduces the voltage and when voltage is low,boost operation increases the voltage supply. The process of stabilization of voltage includes increasing and decreasing the voltage. A transformer along with switching circuit is used for stabilization.In some voltage stabilisers,transformer with taps are used on winding for providing voltage corrections and is called a Manual-type Voltage stabiliser while in servo stabilizers, an autotransformer is used for voltage correction which corrects the voltage automatically within a specified range.

Types of Voltage Stabilizer?

In market there are manually operated/ selector switch operated voltage stabilizer. These stabilizers model sort utilized an electro-mechanical transfers for determination of wanting voltage. After that Servo based Voltage Stabilizer is inventing and came in the market, which is equipped for balancing out the voltage constant, with no manual mediation. Presently, IC/Micro controller based Voltage Stabilisers are likewise available in market which can play out extra functioning as well. Voltage stabilizer can be categorized into three types and they are:

  • Relay Type Voltage Stabilizers
  • Servo based Voltage Stabilizers
  • Static Voltage Stabilizers
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator V/S Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

    An Automatic Voltage Regulator helps in modulating the voltage. It transitions fluctuated voltage into constant voltage. The instability in the voltage emerges because of disparity arising in load on the supply system. The imbalance in the voltage further hinders the equipment in power system. The dissimilarities in the voltage can be rectified by positioning the voltage control equipment nearby transformers and generators. The voltage regulator is installed multiple times in the power system for healing and avoiding the voltage variations. On the other hand Automatic Voltage Stabilizer can be characterized as electronic gadgets, that empowers changing the voltage of the electrical force supply, offering a steady and solid force supply to hardware, starting stable voltage and giving assurance to the gear from the majority of the issues of the mains.

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    We have a specialized range of automatic voltage stabiliser (AVR's) both Indoor and Outdoor type. As we have complete In-house design and manufacturing capability, these AVS are custom designed and installed as per the needs and requirements of the Customer.

    • Servo Stabilizer Air and Oil Cooled
    • Linear-Type Voltage Regulators
    • Relay Operated Voltage Stabilisers
    • Isolation Transformers
    • Automatic Voltage Stabilizer
    • Automatic Voltage Regulator

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