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All types of voltage stabilizer, automated voltage stabilizer, linear voltage stabilizer, servo voltage stabilizer, relay operated voltage stabilizer, linear voltage stabilizer manufacturer and supplier in all cities of India.

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Company Overview

ieco has been serving its customers from past 50 years. Our extreme hold on the engineering base with an even stronger significance on the quality and the results has helped us to offer Reliable, Compact and Energy- Efficient outcomes.
Manufacturing Power Conditioning & Other Equipment for long 50 years has generated inside-out knowledge resource of the products. Strong Engineering base with emphasis on accuracy and precision backed by extensive field experience has made it possible for the Company to introduce many INNOVATIONS, making its products Compact, Rugged, Reliable and Energy-Efficient.
ieco Equipment is operational throughout the length and breadth of the country, at mission critical installations, and are serving reliably 24x7 - 365 days. With a passion for perfection, Company has set-up a complete R&D and Test Lab. It follows stringent quality control protocols of BIS, CPRI, RDSO, IEC etc.
ieco engineers are pioneers in many fields and have contributed to the formation of BIS Standards for all kinds of Line Voltage Correctors . ieco has installations throughout the length and breadth of the country - from Leh Ladakh to Kanya Kumari, from west coast to east coast and many at mission critical sites where the Equipment is providing 24x7 365 days of uninterrupted service.
By buying ieco Equipment, the customer not only gets a superior & reliable PRODUCT but also gets 50 years of back-up experience saving him much trouble later on.



Our Vision

To be a Leader in Power Conditioning Equipment- ALWAYS DELIVERING VALUE FOR MONEY.


Strive To Make Energy Efficient, Reliable, Superior Quality Product at Minimal Cost To KEEP THE CUSTOMER ALWAYS HAPPY

  • Thoroughly tested Product conforming to BIS & Other Specifications
  • In-house Design facility on CAD and Custom Soft-wares
  • Custom Input Ranges can be built to suit Particular needs
  • Highly Efficient, Reliable, Prompt After-Sales Service
  • Energy Efficient Products saving on Power Bills

Production Facility

Testing Facility

Fully Equipped Lab to carry out Tests as per IS 9815:1994 Unique capability to conduct Short Circuit Test upto 4000 Amps AC

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