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Servo voltage stabilizer are servo motor operated & controlled stabiliser. These stabiliser correct & regulate electricity energy with high speed and accuracy. In servo stabilizer, one part of buck/boost transformer is connected with a tap and other part is connected with a moving arm which is regulated by servo motor.

Working of servo voltage stabilizer

Servo voltage stabilizer work on negative feedback that is used to control under and overvoltage fluctuations. The electronic circuit board in servo voltage stabiliser makes a comparison between the output and the reference voltage source. If there is a high or low input supply detected beyond the reference voltage value, the electronic circuit starts operating the motor which moves the arm of auto-transformer. When the arm moves, the output voltage gets stabilized to the required voltage output. The servo motor keeps on rotating by the time reference value and output becomes zero. The entire process completes in less than a second..

The main components of servo stabiliser

Servo Motor (Synchronizing motors): It rotates the arm connected with the transformer in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

Dimmer: It increases or decreases the voltage which is generated at the output.

Buck and Boost Transformer: Rectangular shaped series transformer.

Carbon Brush: It is a moving part connected in the shaft.

Contactor/MCCB: It cuts off the output voltage if it exceeds the standard limit.

MCB and MCCB: MCCB/MCB protects short circuit and overload.

Electronic Circuit: All components are connected with it.

How do I know which stabiliser I need?

Usually after reading some good blogs and articles, people would like to install a voltage stabilizer in their house, office, manufacturing unit, etc. but they don’t know exactly which voltage stabilizer would be perfect for them. Let’s get this resolved here once for all.

First, you must be clear with the fact, why do you need a voltage stabilizer? As discussed above a voltage stabiliser controls the voltage fluctuation and saves our electronic appliances from damage. So, if there is an abrupt power supply problem in your area and voltage fluctuation is a headache for you then you must install a goodvoltage stabiliser.

Now the question arises as to which type of voltage stabiliserwould be right and perfect for us?

For this, you should get the following details:

  • Find out if there is a single-phase or three-phase connection at your place.
  • Calculate the total KVA or VA of your home appliances. KVA rating is mentioned on electronic appliances or ask any electrician or can even discuss with our team.
  • Also, consider your future expansion, like if you wish to add more floor or more rooms in your house because it would mean more power load needs to be considered initially itself which is a much wiser option.
  • Voltage Stabilizer Range: They are designed for a particular voltage range such as 160-260Volts, 180-260Volts, etc. So, we need to know if you are experiencing low voltage or high voltage issue to design the product.

Now, as you know how much power you consume, so it is easier to find the right voltage stabilizer for your house or industry. It means you can make a decision to buy a voltage stabiliseraccording to total KVA and voltage range.

Application of Servo Voltage Stabilizer:

The Servo Voltage Stabilisers are widely used in different units such as engineering units, pharmaceutical units, cold storage, air conditioning plants, offset printing machines, textile mills, cement plants, flour mills, oil industries, paper mills, rubber industries, tea estates, food processing units, oil and Vanaspati plants, footwear and leather units, distilleries and beverages, clubs, hotels, multi-storeyed buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, export houses and call centres.

Features of Servo Voltage Stabilizer:

The professionals as well as skilled engineers deal in the production, export and supply of Servo Voltage Stabilizers.

  • The usage of deep as well as consistent R&D in the direction of electrical energy with voltage fluctuation, has helped in making the product safe, reliable, and quite accurate for work.
  • The constituents selected in the production process ensures fast and high correction ratio to be maintained against voltage fluctuation through the operation.
  • An efficient operation which is trouble free for both small size equipment and heavy electrical equipment.
  • The assembling of Servo Voltage Stabilizer makes it a very improvised device
  • Utilised in the offset printing machine
  • Stabilizes power supply for elevators and escalators
  • Sleek design with a good look
  • Stabilizing medical equipment.

Types of Servo Voltage Stabilizer:

There are different types of Servo Voltage Stabilizer such as:

  • Air Cooled Servo Stabiliser
  • Oil Cooled Servo Stabiliser
  • Industrial Servo Stabiliser
  • Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

For example

A household or an office consumes 200 VA, 300 VA, 1KVA, 2 KVA, 3 KVA, 4 KVA, 5 KVA, 8 KVA to 10 KVA power.

Factory, Manufacturing Units and Industries consume 200KVA, 300 KVA, 400 KVA to 500 KVA or even more depending on the type of work.

Note: Please note, here kVA means kilo-volt-ampere and VA means volt-ampere. 1 kVA = 1000-volt amperes.

Cost of Servo Stabilizer?

Servo Stabilizer are proposed for their affordable price varying as per your requirement. The price differs against their ratings of being single-phase or third phase. Therefore, the payback period of Servo Stabilizer ranges between 3 to 4 years, focusing on your equipment failure, hindrances to your communication systems as well as additional expenses you are witness on behalf of your poor power quality. For any queries you can contact us anytime, we are leading servo voltage manufacturer and servo voltage stabilizer in India.

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